Modern Slavery Statement


This year has brought about additional demands on all UK and global businesses as a direct result of the pandemic. Safeguarding our employees and supply chain workforce from Covid-19 has been a key priority for Quiz and we have therefore implemented Covid-19 safety procedures in line with government guidance. Our entire supply chain is required to implement and confirm compliance via a formal declaration.

Provision of required PPE and social distancing measures have been checked weekly where possible in all UK factories. These protocols have achieved positive validation by the UK government during random factory visits from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Our completion of Tier 1 supply chain mapping this year has helped facilitate quick and effective execution of these Covid compliance measures.

Actions and achievements to-date


QUIZ is committed to ensuring our products are sourced and manufactured responsibly, making sure workers’ in our supply chains tiers are not exploited; The responsibility for meeting these expectations are driven by the Board, and remains integral to our core values through all departments. This is QUIZ Plc’s fourth annual Modern Slavery Statement published in accordance with section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Business Structure

QUIZ is a multi-channel fashion brand, selling apparel, footwear and accessories, targeted mainly at the 16-35-year-old womenswear market. The core of QUIZ’s operations is in Scotland, United Kingdom with a centralised team in Glasgow, founded in 1993 and now employing more than 1,400 people. Globally we have over 200 outlets, consisting of owned stores and concessions, alongside international franchise and wholesale partners. We sell into 23 countries, with a strong presence in the United Kingdom encompassing 70 standalone stores, 150 concessions, 3 online partners and our direct online platform.

Our QUIZ private label is sourced from six countries, mainly being China and the United Kingdom. QUIZ does not own or operate any of its production facilities. Tier 1 sites, which cut, make, trim and store are now mapped. Operations and logistics are supported by two distribution centres in Scotland, United Kingdom.

Risk Assessment

Building long-term relationships with our suppliers has created a sustainable supply, allowing our fashion business model to grow. QUIZ recently enhanced its team with the introduction of an Ethical Compliance and Sustainability Manager to drive our CSR and Sustainability programmes. We have already provided one to one support with our suppliers and completed Tier 1 mapping to ensure our core priorities are driven and reflected throughout the supply chain.

QUIZ’s two core priorities:

Potential areas of modern slavery risk still remains focused on the garment manufacturing supply chain. Leicester, UK is now supported by weekly visits which are proving successful. Our supply base owners and their management teams are mutually driving to maintain alignment with ETI Base code working conditions and workforce care.

We are all still on the journey and learning to combat ever changing intricacies to ensure eradication of Modern Day Slavery. QUIZ, as all other retailers and governing bodies, remain driven to focus on transparency, traceability and governance in our supply chains as a key common goal.

Collaborations with other brands are also a priority to aid improving operations for the industry as a whole.  We expect our suppliers to follow the QUIZ Ethical Code of Practice, which adheres to the core principles of the Ethical Trade Initiative Base Code. This sets worldwide standards on labour practices, protecting our own workers, as well as those throughout our supply chain.

Supply Chain, Auditing and Remediation

Our supply chain currently divided into two separate areas

  1. QUIZ branded label
  2. Non-branded goods

Any supplier manufacturing unit producing QUIZ branded goods have a mandatory requirement to complete annual audits. In order to reduce audit fatigue QUIZ accepts SMETA audits or other third-party audits from a limited number of recognised organisations providing they are from accredited independent bodies and can be uploaded to the SEDEX platform. Audits are not considered as a pass or fail – areas of non-compliance with the QUIZ Ethical code of practice are remediated with our Ethical Compliance Department. We recognise that some issues can take time to remediate, and require continuous improvement. While audits are helpful we recognise they are not enough on their own to address modern slavery risks and related issues.

We will be delivering further training with our global suppliers and factory workers throughout 2020-2021, to drive worker rights throughout our supply chain. 

Suppliers for non-branded goods still receive our Ethical on board pack requirements and confirm acceptance of QUIZ ethical standards and compliance via signed declarations. We are fully reliant on them to fulfil implementation and execution of our CSR programme requirements across their supply base. We support their capacity in assisting the agenda for better business, so that others in the sector can follow and benefit workers in their supply chain.

Policies and compliance

We are continually developing and improving our governance policies in respect of Human Rights impacts, slavery and human trafficking, whistleblowing, anti-bribery, sub-contracting, child labour, migrant workers, and homeworkers.

Ethical Compliance Commitments for 2020-2021

Developing and enhancing relationships with suppliers has been a key focus in 2020 in order to make sure we have aligned objectives across the supply chain. QUIZ has benefitted from improved working environments and social compliance within our supply chain factories, who are all striving to meet the benchmark standards that we have set. Our commitment to preventing and addressing modern slavery, achieving CSR compliance and meeting our sustainable ambitions remains a key focus and is supported at all levels within our business.


This statement has been approved by the QUIZ plc Board and is signed on their behalf by


Sheraz Ramzan                                                                                                            Gerard Sweeney

Chief Commercial Officer                                                                                           Chief Financial Officer






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